What Lies Buried

Sunday 5 September, 2021: Talk with TV expert forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes

Explore the reality behind the crime novel… What’s it like being a young woman thrust into the world of high-profile violent offenders? From walking into a maximum-security prison at the start of her career aged 21, to becoming a prominent forensic psychologist, Kerry describes the reality of a professional life in crime, beyond the tabloid headlines and TV crime drama stereotypes.

She talks with candour and humour about what she’s learnt in 20 years of working closely with extreme behaviour, and how it taught her the value of new beginnings for us all; victims, criminals and for society as a whole.

Kerry has spent over 20 years working on the frontline of forensic services in prisons, secure hospitals, courtrooms and police stations. Her expertise is much in demand for high profile criminal cases and she has become the face of the profession on TV – perhaps best known as ‘The Profiler‘ on the award nominated ‘Faking It – Tears of a Crime‘ programmes.

She’s often invited to act as a psychological specialist in major police investigations and is a trusted advisor to the British government on the safe management of high-risk individuals.

Place: Frodsham Community Centre
Time: Sunday 5 September, 3.00pm
Tickets: £12, including tea/coffee.

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Kerry Daynes