Friday 7 May, 2021: Illustrated talk with Sue Zlosnik

Daphne du Maurier’s fiction is noted for its powerful sense of place. Cornwall immediately springs to mind when her name is mentioned but her dark imagination also turned to Europe.

Always fascinated and influenced by the Gothic tradition, she drew on its portrayal of Italian corruption and deviance to create fictions that explore haunted selves and unsettling sexual ambivalence.

Considering short stories set in Italy such as ‘Don’t Look Now’ (adapted as a highly successful film) and the two novels that feature Italy – My Cousin Rachel and The Flight of the Falcon – this illustrated talk shows a less familiar and sometimes shocking du Maurier.

Sue Zlosnik is Emeritus Professor of English at Manchester Metropolitan University.

She has published extensively both as a solo writer and in collaboration with Professor Avril Horner of Kingston University. Sue and Avril have an international reputation as Daphne du Maurier scholars, based on their 1998 book Daphne du Maurier: Writing, Identity and the Gothic Imagination and subsequently numerous articles, essays and presentations at conferences and literary festivals.

Place: Frodsham Community Centre
Time: Friday 7 May, 2021, 10.30am
Tickets: £8, including tea/coffee

Sue Zlosnik
Sue Zlosnik and Daphne du Maurier (courtesy of Daphne du Maurier Library)